20 January 2008


To finish off the trip commentary, here are a few quotes:

"Don't whisk my tits!"

"I can still taste the bacon."

"Go-go taquitos!" (Picture taquitos with pleather boots and short skirts.)


"Honey, I think enough of the smoke is gone now. You can put the battery back in the smoke detector."

"'Budget Emergency Sickness Protection ("ESP") is available only to Canadian renters and international renters with valid non U.S. passports.' ...I gotta blog that."

I'll tell you more about this project in another post, but for now, I'll tease you with this picture (ends aren't woven in and it hasn't been blocked, so it's still a little lumpy).


Pretty, innit?


sylshessa said...

that thingy is lovely. I like that meandering stripe every time I see it. It reminds me of one of my favorite christmas ornaments that was a wooden unicorn (because it had a gold design like that around it's neck).

sylshessa said...

It also reminds me of these beaded bandolier bag straps that I saw once.