15 January 2008

Time For A Yarn Diet


I'm finally starting to unpack. I seem to have bought a lot of yarn in Portland.


Yeah. That's about $160 worth of yarn. I don't think I need to buy any more yarn until Rhinebeck... though I probably will, since I'm thinking about going back to Oregon for the Black Sheep Gathering in June. Here's the haul:

babyalpaca shibuisock

Those are both Shibui yarns from Knit/Purl. The green is Baby Alpaca and the orange-pink is Sock.


That's Zen Yarn Garden Merino/Bamboo/Nylon from Dublin Bay Knitting Company.

babylace clownwig

These are Dream In Color "Baby" and Ashabee's Fiber Oasis sport weight merino from Twisted.


And lastly, here's the SpinneMann from Naked Sheep Knit Shop. It and the Baby are going to be shawls, the Baby Alpaca is going to be a hat, and everything else will be socks. I need more socks.

David has uploaded some pictures from the trip (including some kilt pr0n (that's him with my friend Rick at the wedding reception), and there may be a few more to come. He'll blog about it, too... eventually.

Time to finish unpacking and then do some knitting. I miss Portland.


Cassie said...

Two words: Knit faster!

Glad to hear you got home safe from Portland, too.

KnitNana said...

I can vouche for the Zen Yarn Garden - that stuff is wondrous to knit with!