04 January 2008

My Wrists Hate Me

Happy newness! I still haven't bought a 2008 calendar. There are a lot of things I haven't done, actually. This time of year has always been stressful and depressing for me, between procrastination, family insanity, and the random things that pop up (like losing my job). I've been sleeping too much, eating too little, spending a lot of time in front of the television set knitting my way through my VHS collection, and trying not to feel like crap. I'm looking forward to a mini-vacation next weekend: a little over three days in Portland, Oregon for Alli and Mike's wedding.

I've been knitting anywhere from four to six hours a day on the shawl I plan on wearing to the wedding. I think I've inhaled half a goat while working with this mohair (Brooks Farm Primero), but it's looking so nice! I also finished my uncle's second sock (I gave him the first one on Christmas with a note saying, "#2 coming soon!"), but I haven't delivered it yet. He reminded me that one of his feet is cold this morning. Cheeky monkey.

Time to get back to the knitting. I want to run out of yarn for the shawl before I run out of time to finish it.


Rach said...

Hi Lilith. Thanks for commenting on my Greenery Hat! I actually ended up doing it as written and thankfully, it fit the recipient really well. It was such a fun pattern! I think that the issue is not so much the pointy-ness as it is the tightness that the cables introduce to the hat. I think that makes it more pointy than anything. I'm going to knit my next one a needle size or two larger and see if that helps. I'll let you know how it goes!

Laurie said...

Sadness about losing the job! Hope you enjoy yourself in Portland. I am sure you will look fabulous in the shawl!