20 May 2007

Fiber High

I've been on the receiving end of a lot of generosity lately. Sunflowerfairy gave me yarn and needles, David gave me a camera, and now Jenny from the Tobacco Valley SnB has given me fiber as encouragement to get back into spinning.

So I've been spinning. A lot. And I love it.

On Thursday, Jenny gave me all of this (wool of various breeds):

Jenny's fiber gift

plus another bump that I spun up immediately:

light brown

Friday night, I planted myself in front of the television and spent an episode of Bones and most of While You Were Sleeping spinning the bump on the bottom right of the first picture.

first white

It doesn't look like much there, but I covered most of it with the stuff I spun last night:


second white

The second batch of white is part of the bump on the right in the first picture. I'll probably spend this evening finishing off that bump and maybe pre-drafting the brown.

I need to find my niddy-noddy.

1 comment:

Allison said...

So nice looking! Not slubby and gross like mine. Perhaps I *do* need some vodka before spinning, so I can relax...