14 May 2007


I'm making progress on Feed the Bead v.2. And I'm changing its name to "TIG 2" because I'm finicky like that.


As you can see, I've started the thumb increases earlier and spaced them out a bit. I've also waited a bit longer to split the other side so it'll be a straight line to the middle finger instead of the funky diagonal-straight-opposite-diagonal thing I did last time.


There's a little more ribbing on this one, too. I'm using more inherited crochet cotton, a little thinner and a different brand than the last stuff.

South Maid cotton

I think I'm going to even out the color by dying the glove with tea when I'm finished with it. It doesn't really show up in the pictures, but there are clean patches and dirty patches because the ball sat out in my grandmother's filthy house for years. There's a bright white stripe under the ball band, and the rest is a little more off-white because of the dust.

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