11 May 2007

Feed the Bead

The TIG glove, which I've dubbed "Feed the Bead," is finished. It's not perfect, and I'm already working on a new and improved version, but it serves its purpose.

TIG glove

TIG glove

I finally got myself a YouTube account so I could show y'all how I use this thing. The #1 straight in the video is a bit thicker than the wire I use, but it's close enough for the demo.

The new version is going to have more coverage on the hand, and be tighter, especially on the thumb.

Yesterday, I took a break from welding for a few minutes and worked on the glove. One of the instructors mock-scolded me for knitting when I was supposed to be welding. Once I told him what I was making, he encouraged me to continue knitting. It probably helps that I'm ahead of the rest of my class by about four assignments.


Allison said...

Looks great! Well designed and a creative use of knitting knowledge. Glad your instructor appreciated what you were doing.

Laritza said...

well go figure!