31 May 2007

Ribbit... Ribbit... Ribbit

Behold, the unraveling of sweaters!

linen/cotton blend



The average right now is about 2000 yards per sweater. This is so much fun!


KnitNana said...

THAT's a lot of yarn - and it's all yummy!

Cheryl said...

Wow, you're really flying on those! I can only unravel a little at a time before I start sneezing, for some reason.

Patty said...

Oy! I nearly had a heart attack when I saw you frogging what look like beautiful sweaters. Then I read your previous post. Whew! I, too, am an avid thrift store shopper. I've heard of recycling yarn but I keep forgetting to check it out. I've also seen beautiful felted items made from thrift store finds.

Love your blog. Just came across it today. Very creative. The hat is fantastic. You should consider selling it (but wait until I copy it first. Ha!)

Well - off to the thrift store....

Sunflowerfairy said...

Yay for recycling!!