05 June 2008


When The Harlot came to Webs back in April, one of the things she talked about was how different we all are, and how if it weren't for knitting, a lot of us would never think of hanging out together. This has become painfully clear to me lately, with so many people talking about politics.

I'm one of those people who will probably be crossing party lines in November, now that Hillary is out of the race. I've heard a lot of vitriol directed at people like me, which I wouldn't mind so much, except some of it is coming from friends. I hate that this one issue makes people so angry. I don't care who you vote for or why, but getting mad at people or suggesting that they're wrong or stupid for their political choices... just stop.



jennsquared said...

I agree on people are pretty fired up when it comes to politics, it's almost like they are different people. I think people should vote for who they want, because obviously each of us see the candidates differently and hence we have the right to pick who we think it's the best. So you vote whoever you want to vote girl, and I will never think you are stupid!

David said...

The important thing is to vote according to your head and your heart.

Follow your bliss, babe.

Alli said...

It's sad that people don't realize that the dialogue is the vital part of this country's structure. It's even sadder when it's people you think are your friends.

Part of being friends is acknowledging and respecting and, dare I say, LIKING, the differences between us.

You vote for whoever you think is best.

Deenz said...

That is why I really have a low tolerance for political discussion, lol. Debate is fine, but once you start flinging names and/or generalizations...I'm done.

I mean, voting is supposed to be about each person voting for who they think is the best (which hopefully is a result of self-education), not pressuring everyone else around you to agree with you!