29 May 2008


This meme's been making the rounds, so I decided to join in the fun.

What's the last book you read that you thought was really super, inspiring, you'd recommend it to most anyone?

I'm sad to say I don't read that much, and what I do read tends to be stuff like Harry Potter or The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I definitely recommend the Hitchhiker (5-book) trilogy by Douglas Adams. It's not what I'd call inspiring, but it's absurd and funny and will make you look at towels, dolphins, and mice in a new way.

What food totally grosses you out, you'd never be able to touch it? Ew. Gag. *hurl*

Does coffee count? I know it's a sweet, life-giving nectar for a lot of you, but I find the smell revolting. If we're talking more solid food, I think fish is about the worst thing I can imagine right now. Yuck.

Did you ever watch a scary movie that frightened you so much you were afraid of the dark afterward? I mean like you're lying in bed trying to sleep, but you have to pee, but you're scared to get up. It doesn't have to be recently; could be when you were a kid. So what movie was it?

The Ring gave me nightmares for a week, and I was afraid to look at a television set for a while.

Is there a song that makes you dance every time you hear it? Would you tap you feet and sing along to it in public?

Most of the songs on my MP3 player are like that. A few of my favorites right now are: "Lay All Your Love On Me" by ABBA, "In These Shoes" by Kirsty MacColl, "Uptown Seranade" by Walter Murphy, "Vertigo" by U2, "Walkie Talkie Man" by Sertiogram (the video has yarn! and knitting! and crocheting!), "Ca Plane Pour Moi" by Plastic Bertrand, and "Sold (The Grundy County Auction Incident)" by John Michael Montgomery.

Tattoos: yes or no? Do you have any? Tell us! Do you think they're gross? TELL US!

I don't have any tattoos. I've thought about it, but decided that if I go for a permanent body modification, I'll probably go with branding instead of tattooing. When it comes to my body, I'm more interested in texture than color.

When's the last time you laughed so hard your ribs ached and/or you nearly peed yourself? What made you do it?

During my first date with David (Rhinebeck 2006), he did this thing that made me laugh so hard my sides hurt. I would totally screw up any attempt to describe it, but trust me, it was hilarious.

Draw or doodle a picture of your pet(s) and post it if possible. Nothing fancy, don't be shy!

I'm no Franklin, but here she is.


Go through a stack or box of your old music. Stuff that you may not have heard in years. Pick one and tell us about it. Is it as good (or as bad) as you remember?

Seeing as I didn't start acquiring music for myself until about eight years ago, most of it is stuff I still like. I think the weirdest album in my collection is Mickey Mouse Disco (on vinyl).

Do you still sleep with a stuffed animal? We won't laugh!

Does Slut Bunwalla count? 'Cause he lives right next to my bed.

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Baby Beth said...

This is the best meme I've seen in a long time (and I just did one) I think I might have to borrow it. :)