19 May 2008

Sisterly Pride

As some of you know, I hate my sister. But y'know, I love her, too. And there are even times when I'm wicked proud of her. This is one of those times.

My sis rocks in the formal secondary education environment. She's all about tests and studying and kicking some serious academic butt. She's into science in a big way, and keeps getting stellar grades in very tough classes. For example:

Plant Physiology: A
Ecological Physiology: A-
Genetics: A-
Neurobiology: A
Methods in Neuroscience: A
Organic Chemistry I: A

She just found out today that she's earned an A in Organic Chemistry II, as well. Someone said to me a few months ago that nobody gets an A in Organic Chemistry. Hah! My sister rocks.

In other family news, my father gave his last finals last week and will be officially retired from teaching early next month. He's 70 years old, and now he's finally able to pursue his true passion full-time: geology. His way of pursuing this passion? Hiking around in the woods to find, photograph, and record locations of abandoned mines so he can put together books for the DEP.

In light of these accomplishments, the three of us will be going out for a big celebratory dinner later this week. In the meantime I'm working on sweater ribbing, lace, and a cuff-down, flap-heel sock that is hurting my brain and my hands, but will (hopefully) be worth the pain.

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sylshessa said...

Wow! I'm impressed and jealous. Congratulations Lilith's sis. I wish I had your study habits and information retention.