08 May 2008

The Good And The Sad

Okay, let's see... what haven't I written about? The Harlot came to Webs on her "Things I Learned..." tour, and I was part of the CTRSnB contingent heckling Stephanie from the third row. Okay, not so much heckling as trying to keep our sides from splitting. The woman is a riot! On the way out of the theater, there was a communion line of sorts... Jess and assistants were handing out Ravelry buttons and stickers. I picked up a Bob sticker and another "where my stitches at?" button. Back at Webs, both the book-signing and checkout lines were long, but worth the wait. I managed to walk out of there with my wallet more-or-less intact... just one copy of Stephanie's new book (signed for David) and one ball of off-white Rowan cotton.

Speaking of Ravelry... for the first time, I'm disappointed. Casey's been talking about opening the store for a while, and now that we can finally see what's available... there's nothing I want. The designs, the colors, the fits... there are no combinations currently available that I would wear. I don't even like the bags or the shot/pint glasses. I'm very sad about this. I love Ravelry and would love to have more swag, but not if it's hot pink, super-scoop-necked, or four sizes too big.

Progress is being made on the sweater and the lace scarf, and once again I'm trying to stay in good spirits in spite of being "home" after another wonderful vacation.

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