16 May 2008

Hooha Jammies!

I've considered myself moderately "crunchy" for many years, though a lot of the things I dream about doing don't actually happen for a while. One of those things was making cloth menstrual pads. I got a Diva Cup a few years ago, but after three or four cycles of not being able to get the bloody thing (heh) to seal on my two heavy days, I gave up. Flannel was on sale at JoAnns not too long ago, so I picked up enough for about a dozen pads for under $5. When I told David what I was up to, his response was, "...you have flannel pjs for your hooha?"

Yup. Hooha jammies.


I used Adahy's Multi-layer Pad pattern, which I like very much. It's simple and easy and fits me just right.


This batch (for lighter days) is four layers of flannel with one layer of terrycloth. You can see the blue terrycloth peeking out from inside the red flannel. The slits in the red piece and the whale piece were for turning them right side out after sewing. The red piece and the whale piece are then pinned together (slit sides together) and topstitched.


(Check out the large version of that pic... top pad is pinned, bottom one has been stitched.)

I'll sew a snap on the wings, and voila! These pads are the most comfortable things I've worn next to my girly bits. I'll be making some thicker ones for heavier days (possibly with waterproof liners). You now know more about me than you probably ever wanted to. Yay!

Oh, and I finished a sock, too.



Anonymous said...

I've been thinking of making the jump to cloth, myself. Those are some cute ones!

The sock's not bad, either.

Alli said...

I tried the cloth ones in college. They were just a bit too thick for me to be comfortable. I'm thinking about a DivaCup, though...

Yours look adorable!

Sunflowerfairy said...

I wear a diva cup and love it. I've had some leakage, so I wear a pantiliner, just in case. I got mine on sale for under $20 and it paid for itself in 2 cycles. Yep, that's how much I was spending on girl crap.

I've heard that there's other brands that you could try...if you were still interested in doing so. I don't like the "gush" feeling when wearing pads.

Do you think these will slip on you? That's what I'd be afraid of.

I adore you, crunchie girl!

(Hey, going to Mass S&W on Saturday?)

Patty said...

Hooha jammies! Almost makes me want to learn how to sew. My 13 yr. old daughter totally rolled her eyes when I showed her the possibilities to a "greener" period.