19 August 2010

Roll Or Bowl A Ball, A Penny A Pitch

My beau spent a week and a half at Pennsic, arguably the biggest living history encampment in the Northeast. I couldn't afford to go this year, so he sent me pictures as the event progressed, and he brought home a present for me.


It's a yarn bowl! It keeps one's balls of yarn from running rampant while in use. I love it!


Pretty, huh? I love functional things that also have an element of beauty to them.

Speaking of beauty, I've been knitting and finishing! The alpaca neckwarmer I knit up a while back finally has buttons:


There's also a project that I've had up on Ravelry for a while but haven't mentioned here, the Merry Little Bag. Last year at Birka I bought some yarn from The Merry Little Lamb, and it finally decided that it wanted to be a felted colorwork bag. The pieces are made but not assembled yet, as I'm still trying to decide how to assemble them.


Then there's some more colorwork that I think will be a pillow (the bit on the left):


I've started another panel that reverses the colors, and that will be the other side of the pillow. The yarn is rejects from work -- some Mountain Mohair that's too thin, and some custom yarn that became impregnated with rubber bits from the carding aprons. They both work just fine for this particular project.

I picked up some more free waste roving at work today, which has me itching to spin, but I've promised myself that I'll finish the curtains I promised a friend months ago before I start anything new. I've also been informed that, after over four months of working at the Spinnery, I'm finally due for my three-month review. I would tell y'all what I'm hoping for from that meeting, but I don't want to jinx it, so you'll just have to stay tuned and see what happens.

Happy knitting!


Mary S//coastergirl said...

do you know who he got the yarn bowl from?

Lilith Parker said...

Mary, it's from Dancing Pig Pottery. Her Etsy shop is closed, but she does events in the Virginia-Maryland area.

milk and cake said...

i love yarn bowls and bells, but i always end up with a variety of tupperware scattered about with balls of yarn in them instead. not very inspired, but handy. :-) your yarn bowl is lovely!