01 October 2010

In Loving Memory

My beloved greyhound, Sassafrass, passed away yesterday. She had been having health issues for a while, but the decision to end her pain yesterday was the result of bone cancer that wasn't discovered until yesterday's x-ray. It was so far advanced and causing her so much pain that, even with amputation, meds, and chemo, she would only have had a few weeks at best, so it was time.

Sassafrass was 13-and-a-half years old, a retired racing greyhound who never officially made it to the track, and she came into my life just before her second birthday. She was especially fond of peanut butter and ear skritches, and not so keen on fireworks or things flying through the air near her. She recognized other sighthounds and was friendly with them, but was much more of a people person than a dog person. She never could figure out why blankets didn't behave like dirt when she tried to dig in them. She will be loved and missed and never forgotten.




sleepypuppy disgudtoo



Goodbye, babygirl. I love you.


janna said...

I'm so sorry, Lilith. She sounds like a real sweetie. I know how hard it is, but you made the right decision.

Lauren said...

She's such a beautiful dog. I'm very sorry for your loss.

Eklectika! said...

:-( ... so sorry to hear...

BeccaH said...

What a beautiful animal! I'm so sorry!