21 February 2011

Time For A Change

Holy cow, I've been neglecting this poor blog, haven't I? I keep telling myself I'll find time to post, and then life gets in the way. I think it's about time that I resign myself to the idea that I'm never going to get back to regular posts... when I have a few minutes and a few pictures, I'll put something up, but I can't promise anything close to a schedule anymore. It's probably just as well -- even in the depths of Vermont's Snowpocalypse, I'm getting out of the house pretty frequently and having something close to a normal life, and if fewer blog posts is the price I pay for that normalcy, I'm okay with it.

Knitting has been happening in small amounts, but it's either secret projects or things that will look cool when they're finished but currently just resemble lumpy blobs of string, so I can't share much with you. I've also been very bad about taking pictures of things, but I think I cured that dry spell by shooting a roller derby game last Saturday, so keep an eye on my Flickr in the next few weeks. There might (just might) be some knitting to be seen.

Hope y'all are enjoying the chilly season as much as I am. It's perfect knitting weather!

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