04 April 2011


Tidying up after dinner, I'm about to pick up my knitting when he pulls our fortune cookies out of the take-away bag and hands one to me. Fortune cookies have been good to me over the last year or two (they may not deliver the good things they promise, but the promise makes me feel better), so I'm especially curious to see what this cookie has to say. He looks at his, and remarks, "I think I got yours."


So I show him mine.


Then we can't breathe for about two minutes because we're laughing so hard.

When we finally recover, I pick up the WIP of the day and get a few rows done. This is going to be a hooded mantle with liripipe (that is, a long hood with an even longer tail), and it's made from some rejected yarn from work. We'd been having trouble keeping the drive gear on the spinning frame engaged, and if said gear drops out, the yarn keeps getting twisted but doesn't wind onto the bobbins, so we have to either break every end and tie lots of knots, or re-start with fresh bobbins. This particular mishap was maybe 30 yards into a new bobbin, so I made lots of little balls of yarn and re-started the set. That yarn would have been thrown in our reject box, but I knew I could do something cool with it, so I took it home. This is what it looks like now:


The center of the hood is going to be steeked (my first time... yikes!), and there will be cabled borders both around the face and around the hem.


It's very dense and should fit snugly. I've designed it to protect me from the various meteorological anomolies that pop up during faire season, like cloudbursts and blizzards, so I've knit it with two strands of Sylvan Spirit (a DK-weight yarn) on my US#7 ebony needles. It's practically armor.

I'm going to take my quiet and unobtrusive nature and go back to my knitting.

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