05 May 2011

Beatrix (after the Queen, not the lady who wrote about bunnies)

So, I have a new job. After a year with the Spinnery, things just weren't working out, so I decided to move on. A perfect opportunity fell into place just when I needed it, and I finally have a job that makes me happy, pays the bills, and doesn't send me home covered in machine oil. It does occasionally send me home with blisters, but that's because I got so darned excited about learning a new task that I didn't stop when things started hurting.

The groovy folks I work for now are, naturally, fiber people. They've been doing some cleaning/destashing lately, which has led to me expanding my collection of fiber tools. I've been given a Kundert spindle, a lignum vitae crochet hook, and... drumroll, please...


...this! Her name is Beatrix (because all of my wheels must have names beginning with B... for no particular reason), and I haven't done anything but clean off the dust so far. The footman is a replacement and needs some tweaking, and the pedal isn't going to see much use before it needs to be replaced, but aside from that, this wheel is in very good shape, and I almost don't care how it spins because it's so pretty.

I've been doing some knitting and crocheting, but haven't managed to take pics of the projects yet. Maybe soon... maybe.

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Elfcat said...

She's SO pretty!! Ok, I'm jealous.....but what a great gift.