15 April 2007

Bring It All Home

Gods, what a wonderful vacation. The first half of it is chronicled here, recorded late one night up in the Hill Country. I wish we could have recorded a bit about the second half of the trip, but by the time we got back to the house Saturday night, we were both exhausted and just wanted to curl up and go to sleep. We're going to see if we can co-'cast with 2,000 miles between us, but until then, here are some highlights:

Learning about San Antonio's history is romantic when you and your sweetie are dressed up and snuggled together in a horse-drawn carriage as the sun sets.

Mourning doves get all fluffy when they have sex.

I took my first two cab rides this weekend... somehow this makes me feel like more of an adult.

Being kissed by burros makes me happy.

Another visit, another virus... David gave me yet another cold. On the plus side, the head congestion affected my ears so much that I wasn't even a little bit airsick on the way home.

A Frenchwoman on the flight from Dallas to Hartford asked me why I was in Texas, and when I told her I was visiting David, she asked if I was going to marry him. Europeans are very direct like that.

Now it's time for Tylenol, orange juice, and comfy pillows. I'll post pictures of the Tangerine shawl once David uploads them.

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Sunflowerfairy said...

Glad you are home safe.

We've missed you. ;)

Get settled and email me when you are ready to start our project.