29 April 2007

Sassy Stripes From Sunflowerfairy

My sister seems to have revoked my camera-borrowing privileges, so until I can afford a digital camera (yeah, keep dreaming), I'll have to make do with my scanner.

Sunflowerfairy had some yarn and needles she wanted to get rid of at the last SnB, and she set aside some sock yarn and small-gauge DPNs for me. Have I mentioned how much I love this woman?

Sassy Stripes

Sassy Stripes

This is the sock yarn she gave me. It's Cascade "Sassy Stripes" wool/nylon blend. I have two skeins (200m ea.) of each colorway. Thanks to the bunches and bunches of steel DPNs I now have, I can cast on right away. One can never have too many WIPs, right? Right??


She also gave me some black wool and pale pink, fluffy, novelty yarn, which will go together to make a felted bag of some sort. After a quick swatch (to assure the feltability of the wool) and some aborted test pieces, I've decided that the bag doesn't want to be made just yet, so the yarn will be tucked in with the rest of my stash until it's ready to be played with.

Remind me to tell you about my Vacation Socks before I finish them.

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laurie said...

Oh, you will love the "sassy stripes"...I have (I guess "had" is more appropriate since it's now off the needles and on my feet) the indigo blue colorway. Wonderful.