18 November 2008

Big News!

So... I've been looking to get out of Connecticut for a while now, and circumstances have finally arranged themselves in such a way that it's really going to happen. Tomorrow morning I will give notice at my current job. Two weeks from tomorrow I will start moving a bunch of stuff up to the boyfriend's place. Three weeks from yesterday I will start my new job in New Hampshire, making more than I do at my current job, but doing less stressful work.

This Thursday may be my last SnB in Connecticut, and I'd like to see as many of you as I can. Sunflowerfairy, that means you, too. ;)

Life is good.


cafe-eclectic.net said...

wow! Congratulations is in order then!!! Awesome changes happening and I'm happy to hear :)

And one of these days I'll have to meet that bf of yours :)

Divine Bird said...

I will miss you SO MUCH OMG.

Cheryl said...

What?? New Hampshire? That's where I am! Where in NH will you be? And congrats on all these exciting changes!

Anonymous said...

I'll miss you, too, but it sounds like a really good move for you. Congratulation!

Sunflowerfairy said...


FUCK. I'm just now reading this at 10:46pm on Thursday! Fuck.

Sorry. Sorry I missed you.

And YAY! I'm happy for you. What a big life change. Wonderful.

Email me your address when you're settled up there, just so I have it.