02 December 2008

Movin' On Up

A note to those looking for the Greenery Hat pattern: both my webhost and my computer crapped out at about the same time, meaning even I don't have a copy of the pattern right now. As soon as I get my new computer up and running and transfer files from the old hard drive, I'll be listing the pattern as a free Ravelry download. Thank you for being patient. If any of you who already have the pattern would like to help out the folks who need it, feel free to email a copy to me (lilithparker at gmail dot com) and I'll post it ASAP. Thanks!

Edit: Mary saved my bacon! The Greenery Hat is now a free Ravelry download here!

So yeah, this moving thing. Oof. I have five and a half days to move my entire life from Connecticut to Vermont. It's going to be interesting, for sure. A lot of clothes and books will be going to Goodwill, and a lot of yarn and fiber will be sealed up to live in a storage unit for a few months.

For the curious among you (hi, Cheryl!), I'll be living near Newfane, VT, and working in Keene, NH. The new job is full-time, pays better than my current job, and is with a cozy little company that's been around since 1932. It's also just down the road from both JoAnns and Michael's, meaning it'll be a daily struggle not to shop for cheap yarn and fabric on my lunch break.

Oh, and check out proof that I still knit:


Cunning, ain't it?

So yeah, this is my last night in Connecticut. Tomorrow I have a half-day at work, and then the packing and moving begins. Wish me luck.