25 December 2008



See, once in a while I do actually finish something. I bet y'all forgot about the LemonEgg shrug ages ago... and honestly, so did I until I was packing for the move and trying to decide what projects to work on this month and what could go to storage for a while. This had an hour or two of work left on it, so I put it in the "work" pile and finished it in front of the fire this evening. It fits well, aside from the sleeves being about two inches shorter than I wanted them to be. Still, it keeps my arms warm, so I'll probably wear it a fair bit this winter.

Now, back to the scarf I'd planned on giving to the boy today... except it's only half-finished. Whoops. Note to self: a scarf knit on size 4 needles goes much more slowly than you think it will.

1 comment:

David said...

It's actually done!
Looks lovely.