22 December 2008


I know this is going to amaze all of you (it sure as heck amazes me), but... I do still knit. Look, I have proof!


Okay, I admit that I finished this at SnB a month or two ago, but the stuff I've actually been knitting is not quite so exciting or photogenic. So I'm showing off the mitten instead.


Look how pretty! And I designed it with the cunning use of graph paper! Pretty spiffy, eh? Now if I can just get its mate finished before the weather gets warm again...

Oh, wait, I'm living in Vermont now. No rush. ;)

Yeah, I'm reading all of the CT blogs about how y'all got a whopping 8 or 10 or 12 inches of snow over the weekend... we got about 20 inches up here. It's up to my knees. The boy says I'm becoming a snow snob. This will not surprise some of you at all.

Off to work on mitten #2. Any interest in me writing up a pattern? If enough people want it, I'll post it for free on Ravelry as soon as I finish writing it. Let me know!

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