18 December 2006

Devil Went Down To Texas

I can finally post about one of the gifts I sent out!

devil hat

This is one of the Hanukkah gifts I made for my dear David. It's my own design, made with Lion Brand Wool-Ease. The horns have short-row shaping and poly-fill stuffing. Maybe, if we're very lucky, he'll post a picture of him wearing it. ;)


Paul said...

Awesome hat!

Lucky Charmz said...

love, love, love the hat! I still haven't made your greenery hat yet, I just learned to cable over Thanksigiving!

Ahhhh..the Sting. Many a drunk night there, especially outside when the weather is nice (when is that?!) Oswego is such a beautiful place. I was born there and that's also where my grandparents lived and where I went to undergrad. I also met my husband in college there too. Oswego is a city with over 200 bars and used to be a huge party school. It also has the best sunsets in the world on Lake Ontario. I got married in Breitbeck Park right across from the lighthouse. Thanks for letting me know about your sister. A little trip down memory lane!

A said...

I think yours is my favorite rendition of devil horns on an hat...very cool!