06 December 2006

Rock On

A while back, Bernat gave away balls of its Disco yarn, and I got one in a bright turquoise ("Aqua Velvet"). After sitting in my stash for a few days, it told me what it wanted to be: a mohawk. I found a soft, black, acrylic blend to go with it, and three or four tries later, ended up with a mohawk hat I liked.

mohawk hat at completion

I wore this hat a lot. It was my everyday hat all last winter. It went through snow and rain, got shoved into and yanked out of pockets, and all that wear and tear took its toll. It now looks like this:

mohawk hat after long term use

Compare the fluffiness of the Disco in the two pics. It's a fun yarn, and nicer to work with than a lot of novelty yarns, but it just doesn't handle the elements very well. Not that it should, I suppose, but I think a yarn that's essentially plastic should be able to handle a little water and friction better than it has.

I think it's time to make a new mohawk hat with some other novelty yarns I have kicking around. After I finish holiday gifts. Yes. After. *ahem*


Martita said...

That hat is hilarious. What a great idea.

Paul said...

Awesome hat, Lilith! Great design!