11 December 2006

Falling Leaves, Baking Plastic

The holiday gifts are almost finished, but I can't post pics of them until after the recipients have opened them, so I'll show you a few other things I've been playing with. I started Knitty's Falling Leaves socks last night, and I'm enjoying them. They're my first patterned socks and my first lace anything, so it's really fun to watch them grow. I'm using Patons KroySocks in "Winter Eclipse" on US#1 DPNs.

Falling Leaves sock

Purty, huh? I love the yarn and the pattern... I think these are going to be my favorite pair of socks for a while.

I've also been playing with ShrinkyDinks a lot lately. I have no stitch markers, and I've gotten sick of using hair elastics, so I made these to fill the void. All but Shaun are still waiting on large split rings so they fit on needles larger than size 3.

ShrinkyDink stitch markers

I just made another set a few nights ago after being inspired by the first Shaun the Sheep marker. He's so darned cute that I found a bunch of screencaps of him, traced them, and baked up seven more markers. They're waiting on split rings (split rings at Michael's: utterly useless), which are waiting on cash, which is waiting on a band teacher in Sabinal, Texas to buy my bassoon. Tangential, eh? Here's the new Shaun-y goodness:

Shaun the Sheep stitch markers

There may be more Wallace & Gromit characters coming soon. If I can trace Gromit knitting, that'll be the next one.


David said...

Those are so gorram cute!!!

You knew I had a weakness for wombats, didn't you?

Lilith Parker said...

With a butt like that, what's not to love? ;)

Paul said...

Those are awesome stitch markers. I had no idea they still made ShrinkyDinks. They're very cool!

Lilith Parker said...

Michael's has them, usually hanging above the embossing supplies in the paper section. They even have Shrinkydinks for inkjet printers! I think they're about $10 for 6 8"x10" sheets.

You know you wanna get some. ;) Make tags for your soap bars!

Allison said...

shrinkydinks! I am all OVER those! I think I might have to get myself some of those to make, once Christmas knitting madness is done.

Shirra said...

Shaun is amazing! I love your Shaun stitch markers. The magic of Shrinky Dinks. What are screencaps?

Lilith Parker said...

"Screencap" is short for "screen capture". It's like taking a still photo of a frame of video.

melissa said...

Whats so bad about Michael's split rings? You could have just asked me and I could have picked some up at work this weekend. Think you need them before this coming weekend?