12 January 2007

Not Knitting at Knit Night

For a while, I've been thinking about joining a knitting group, or at least hanging out with knitters on a regular basis. I spend my days surrounded by foul-mouthed, 19-year-old boys, so spending an evening or two with some mature, creative people would be a nice change. The LYS closest to me has a "don't knit here if you bought your yarn somewhere else" rule, and I just can't afford most of the yarn they have. A few weeks ago I made my maiden visit to The Yarn Garden and enjoyed the atmosphere so much that I decided to drop in on their weekly knitting circle last night.

I was the youngest by several decades, the only one who declined the owner's offer of a glass of wine, and the only one... not knitting. That's right, I left my lace at home and brought something else instead. I'd bought some yarn there the first time I visited, and I picked up some more of the same stuff last night because the yarn finally decided what it wanted to be: a bag. A Tunisian-crocheted bag.

The ladies want me to teach a Tunisian crochet class, which I'd love to do one of these Saturdays, and they were amazed at the progress I made in the hour I was there. "Look how much she got done! And with only one needle!"

Ohyah. I'm doing this every week now. Oh! And here's what I was working on:

mitered Tunisian crochet

My scanner, as always, has color issues. This is a vibrant, magenta-red, cotton-viscose blend, six (90yd.) balls of which cost me an amazing $7.50. I love the discount bin.

I'm trying to think of a smallish project I can do for a class. Dishcloth, maybe? Do people need more dishcloths? I need suggestions!


Martita said...

I saw Tunisian crochet in a book at Christmastime and thought, now that I've got to learn. It just looks like there are so many things you can do with it. I'm thinking of making a bag maybe.

Sunflowerfairy said...

Are you close to New Haven? Check out the New Haven SnB site on Yahoo Groups. We'd love to have you visit. And, there will be no one there decades older than you.

I love the Yarn Garden too. In May they have 45% off all yarns. Yep, even cashmere!

Lilith Parker said...

New Haven is an hour's drive for me, but I'll try to make it to Moka on Sunday. :)

Holly Burnham said...

Do people need more dishcloths????? Please! Do I like chocolate? You can never make, use or gift out enough dish cloths.