15 January 2007

Progress, Phalenopsis, and Pomegranate

You may have noticed that there's something on the sidebar I haven't mentioned yet: "Intolerable Cruelty." I've finally decided to knit a garment (instead of all these accessories I keep churning out,) and it's Knitty's sexy skirt from the Fall 2006 issue. I have something like 1400 yards of Red Heart "Soft" that I was given, and it seems like a good idea to use it for my test run of this pattern before I shell out for the good stuff. I'll post pictures sometime this week.

Here's a good look at the progress on the magenta bag:

magenta bag

The piece on the left has been dry-blocked so y'all can see it without the crazy curling you see on the right.

In other news, my sister bought herself yet another orchid (she's been on an orchid kick for the last few weeks, and has money to burn... lucky girl):


...and I just discovered this stuff, which smells good enough to eat:

Pomegranate Mango

Mmmmmm. Time for a shower.

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