06 January 2007

WiP it good

I admit it: I haven't been doing much knitting lately. School takes a lot of my time and energy and leaves my hands feeling dirty, even after a good scrub with Lava soap. I do keep projects at hand, though, for the times when I do feel like knitting. See?

cluttered desk

That's Falling Leaves sock #1 (yes, still) getting near the end. I don't like mid-calf socks, so it's going to be an ankle sock with the ribbing as a turned-down cuff.

The green thing is an edging swatch made with the same yarn I used on the Teal Diamond hat. The pattern ("Leaf Edging") is out of an '80s edition of The Arco Guide to Knitting Stitches, which has been absorbed into The Ultimate Sourcebook of Knitting and Crochet Stitches by Reader's Digest. (How's that for a title?)

Under all of that is some Lion Brand Magic Stripes sock yarn in "Lumberjack Black" that I'm using to cover headphone cords. See the little bit if I-cord sticking out over the yellow tape measure? Yeah, that's it. 4-stitch I-cord made on the headphone cord. It's a pain, and I may have to frog it if SanDisk tells me I can't fix my new MP3 player and have to return it. *sigh*

The purple and white under the gigantic ball band is a secret project. Shhh!

I'm also in the process of making a swift so I can ball up the orange alpaca yarn David got for me at Rhinebeck. I usually don't get fiber this bright, but that weekend it cried out to me, begging to be taken home.

orange alpaca

Yep, it's really that bright. It's going to be a Meadow Flowers Shawl from Knitter's Stash, I think.

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