07 January 2007

Swiftly Balling

So I made myself a swift. There were tool issues, measuring issues, sawdust-in-eyes issues, but it's functional. Cockeyed, but functional. I know what to fix for the next one. (There will be a next one, one that will have hinges and bevels and possibly pretty designs burned/painted on it. Oh yeah. It'll be sweet. You just wait.)


I used this marvel of engineering (*coughsplutterhack*) to turn that lovely hank of orange alpaca into this:

ball of alpaca

(Pardon the crappy webcam pic... sis took her camera before I could shoot the ball.) The ball is bigger than a grapefruit (how I long for a grapefruit,) and, as you can see, pulls from the center. I love my hand-wound, center-pull balls because they turn into flying saucers as more and more yarn comes out of the center.

Little things amuse me, y'know?

Task for today: swatch!

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