26 November 2006

Everything In Its Place

I finally got around to organizing my stash. In the process I discovered that it's a lot smaller than I thought it was. It also contains a whole lot more acrylic than it should. Bad acrylic. Red Heart SuperSaver acrylic. Eww.

Oh well. At least I have my beautiful Rhinebeck spoils to balance it out. So, here's my bagged and organized collection of yarn.


See? Not nearly enough yarn.

On top of the stereo cabinet are my blocking board and a new project that I'll post about soon. The turntable is spinning Blood, Sweat & Tears tonight, and has seen the likes of Three Dog Night, Ella Fitzgerald, Walter Murphy, and the Boston Pops in the last three or four days.*

Also to be posted about in the near future: crochet! I've been making pretty chokers with that Senso my ex bought for me a while back and a beautiful ivory hook I inherited from someoneorother. Stay tuned!

* Speaking of records, I ended up with two copies of Jesus Christ Superstar somewhere along the way... anybody want one? Slightly scratchy, but hey, it's free. I'll even pay for shipping.

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