21 November 2006

More Pics Than You Can Shake A Dead Muppet At

The Dead Muppet bag is finished! And it's nowhere near what I wanted it to be! Maybe if I keep using exclamation points I'll actually start to like this thing!

Here's what it looked like before I threw it in the washing machine:


My Lopi bag had reduced evenly both length- and width-wise, so I assumed the Cascade would do the same. Turns out, not so much.


It's okay to laugh. Really. I did. A lot. Now, while the tape measure is there to give you an idea of the bag's size, let me make the scale even clearer.

dear gods, it's terrible

I discovered that it makes a great sling!


This is the way I'll probably wear it, if I wear it. I'm going to see if I can stretch the strap a bit so it'll sit a little lower.

how to wear a dead muppet

It's actually kind of neat... the stuff I don't need every five minutes can sit in back while the important things ride in front. Maybe I don't need to use all of those exclamation points after all!

Oh bother.

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