13 November 2006

What To Do With Scrap Yarn

Four stockinette gift hats are finished except for weaving in the ends, and I haven't worked on anything else lately, so here's another old FO. It's not exactly exciting, but I think it's pretty.

red and green fair isle headband

I don't remember what the yarn is... it might be Plymouth Encore, but I'm not sure. I had a little left over after making gift socks last year, and this headband used it up with just a few inches to spare. I love it when that happens.

It's just a strip 5" wide by 20"-ish long, mattress-stitched into a tube and clumsily stitched closed at the ends (this was before I learned the beauty of the Kitchner stitch). My tension for the mattress stitch was too tight, so it leaves a stripe across my forehead, but it's warm and otherwise comfortable.

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