23 August 2006

Cascading Style

I bought yarn today! This is going to be, by far, my biggest and most ambitious project to date. I'm making myself a hoodie (hooded sweater) with cable accents. Exactly what sort of cable accents, I'm not sure yet, but they'll be groovy no matter what. Why? 'Cause I say so, that's why.

You can tell I'm in a good mood when I get dominant over yarn.

Anywho, I was looking for something bulky to work with, since I want this to work up quickly, but the LYS I went to (of the four I like, this was the second-closest and most friendly) only had two bulky wools, and neither was really right for this project. They did, however, have a ton of Cascade 220 in various colors. I figured if I held two strands together, it'd be about the same as a bulky yarn, and Cascade is such a bargain that it would be perfect. I got two hanks each of these two colors, and if it works out the way I'm hoping it will, I'll go back and get the rest of what I need (when I have more greenbacks in my wallet).

Cascade 220

Inspired by David's Fair Isle cables (for Knitty's Samus cardigan), I'm thinking of using the teal for the cables and the charcoal for the background. I'm also inspired by Eunny's cabled bind-off, so that may come into play, too. I'm playing with swatches to see what works and what gives me massive headaches (like the scale-like cable pattern I tried earlier... ouch).

I don't know if I'll be able to post progress shots along the way... sis has taken her camera back to school with her, and she's only home about every other weekend, so the chance of me borrowing the camera has slimmed considerably.

Who wants to earn my eternal gratitude (and a variety of favors and gifts) by buying me a digital camera? ;)


Lucky Charmz said...

Have you thought about getting one off freecycle.com. You may have to offer something before you can request something, but I swear by freecycle. Love you knitting blog and good luck with your new project.

Lilith Parker said...

Thanks! I'll check out Freecycle. I don't have much to offer, since my living space is extremely small, and I've pared my belongings down to mostly essentials, but maybe I can find something I don't need.

I love your dogs! So cute!