30 August 2006

Shrug It Off

This is something from the WIP list that fell by the wayside when I started the hoodie. Well, more like I got sick of it, so I started the hoodie as a distraction. Half of it is shown here and the other half is still on the needles (waiting for me to give it two solid days of work to get it finished.)

grey cabled shrug

The yarn is Lion Brand "Jiffy" in "Pearl Grey"; cheap acrylic, but very soft. I made a shrug from this yarn last Halloween (partly-seen here), but didn't like it. I used one pattern for the back, another for the sleeves, and it just didn't match. I then regretted my decision to frog... the pattern I'd used on the sleeves wasn't one that ripped out nicely. Still, I got it ripped, balled up the yarn, and tossed it in my yarn basket until it decided what it wanted to be. It wanted to be another shrug.


The lattice pattern is one I've always loved, and I figured it would be perfect for a small-ish project like this, especially with bulky yarn. It'll be stretched crosswise more than it is in these pics because I designed it to be very snug, so the pattern will pop a bit more.

cable closeup

I should have done the ribbing on smaller needles, but that thought didn't occur to me until after I'd finished the first half and was halfway through the ribbing on the second half.

Speaking of needles, I'm using my US#10 Brittany needles, which are so soft and light... knitting on wood is unlike anything else. Get a pair of these needles and you'll see what I mean. I just wish they made circs.

The latest try at the hoodie is coming along well. I think I've got the size right, finally, and I have some ideas for modifying the cable as the sleeve gets wider. I'll show you in a day or two.

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Lucky Charmz said...

Have fun with your project. I am just learning to cable right now. I am working on a hoodie sweater too from a recent magazine- can't remember the name but I should find it. I'll try to post pictures of it so far.