31 August 2006

Room By Numbers

I... don't really have much knitting to show you today. I did a few rows on various projects, but it's been sort of an ADD day for me, so instead of showing you knitting, I'll show you my room. (Click it for a better look.)

room by numbers

1. The hoodie I have dubbed "My Fair Intarsia" sits expectantly in my favorite chair. The chair was left at my sister's apartment by the previous tennant, and since sis said, "blech," when she first saw it, I adopted it.

2. I need to take the contents of this bag (mostly empty soda bottles) down to the kitchen so I don't accidentally kick the bag... again.

3. Who doesn't love a giant, brightly-colored, bouncy ball? (If you look really carefully by the window, you can see the dome of a lamp. That dome has a jagged hole in the top from where the ball hit it one day when I was being silly. Kids, listen to your parents when they tell you not to bounce balls in the house.)

4. My riding helmet needs to go back in my car.

5. This stack of craft books does have a home... it just seems to like where it is more than where it should be.

6. Can you see the reflection of the tripod in the mirror? And hey! That blue, wrinkly thing is me! ...Why do I sound like I'm a geriatric smurf?

7. FREEDOM!!! (and a Norway Maple)

8. I need to do laundry tonight. I swear, half of this room is my to-do list. That's probably why it looks so messy. Not that it looks much neater when everything's done... there's only so much you can do when your entire life is packed into a 10'x15' room.

9. It's a resin armadillo. Mom got one for herself, I said, "gee, that's cute," and somehow sis and I each ended up with one on our birthdays. He's guarding a bunch of video tapes, a spool of fishing line, and...

10. PEZ dispensers! Let's see... there's Belle (Beauty & The Beast), Jasmine (Aladdin), Cinderella, Homer Simpson, C3PO, Wedge Antilles, and Boba Fett. I grew up on Disney fairy tales and Star Wars, and I like The Simpsons. Well, used to, anyway.

11. I love this fan. It's pretty old and takes a few minutes to get going, but it's quiet and strong.

12. This phone isn't plugged into anything, nor does it work. It was fried a while back after a lightning strike, and... I'm not really sure how it got from the attic to my room, but I know why we're keeping it: It Might Be Useful Someday.

13. There's my tripod bag. Exciting, eh?

14. I found this pair of boots in a parking lot one night and brought them home. They're in good condition, but a size too small for the bf, so I've been planning on dropping them at the Salvation Army. One of these days.

I should probably get back to knitting now, huh? *sigh* Fine. Hmm, I wonder what's on TV.

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