26 August 2006


I helped my sister move her snakes back to her apartment yesterday. It's a five-hour drive to her place, and by the time we unloaded everything I was too exhausted to drive home, so I spent the night there and came home today. On the way home, I drove through Rhinebeck, NY, where the big Sheep and Wool Festival will be in October. Turns out it's about an hour closer to home than I thought it was, so I won't have to get up quite as early on that Saturday. I could sleep in even more if I stayed at my mum's place (an hour closer), but she's... tricky to deal with sometimes, so I won't count on it.

Having some free time last night, I cast on and worked about 12" of a sleeve of the hoodie. I'm not sure I'm happy with it... the ribbing makes me twitch. I might start over, using size eights for the ribbing (inside of the tens I'm using for the rest), and trying an intarsia-Fair-Isle-hybrid for the green ribs. Holding the green back between the ribs has pushed the black purls forward, and I don't like the way it looks.

Another issue is the pattern. After doing some calculations and realizing my converted-from-the-book pattern wasn't working the way I wanted it to, I started over with just a tape measure and a calculator. Seeing it work up, I'm thinking I may have been a bit off in my gauge swatch... the piece is coming out more narrow than I intended. I could fix it with blocking, probably, but if I'm going to re-do the ribbing, I may as well just start the whole thing over and adjust the pattern while I'm at it. Right?

You can sort of see the ribbing issue here.

today's progress

(BTW, I'd like to thank my sister for letting me borrow her camera for the week. Maybe if it stops raining I can take some pics with better (no-flash) lighting.)

I think some frogging is in order. First, though, I'm going to dig out some eights, just in case I manage to stay awake for more than five minutes after logging off. Seven hours of driving makes Lilith... something something. Yes. G'night.


Alli said...

"Go crazy?"

"Don't mind if I DO!"

Hope you got some rest. I see what you mean about the purls in the rib section. Maybe (if you don't mind weaving in another end or two) use two pieces of the green for the ribbing, to prevent the purl issue?

Lilith Parker said...

Exactly what I did. :D GMTA!