24 August 2006

Each and Every Cable Guaranteed to Be Twisted*

After several failed attempts, I finally settled on a cable I like. It's far simpler than I was planning, but sometimes simplicity is best. Here, for your viewing pleasure, is part of the swatch:

hoodie swatch

I love the contrast between these colors. Now that I've decided on a cable, I have a new decision: how do I want to split the colors over the whole sweater? I've thought about a jester-style split... one arm in each color, one half of the body in each color, one half of the hood in each color. I think that might be too busy, though. I'd like to use more-or-less equal amounts of the two colors, but I don't think it's going to work out that way. Any ideas? I tend to get one thing stuck in my head, making it nigh impossible to try another tack.

Now I get to use math, similar designs, and creativity to come up with a pattern for the sweater. I think I have the sleeve dimensions figured out... sort of. I really, really, really hope I don't botch this thing.

*The title was inspired by the pretzel man at the Sterling Renaissance Festival. One of his lines is, "each and every pretzel guaranteed to be twisted." Thank you, pretzel man. Three bachelor's degrees, and you've spent the last twenty years selling pretzels during the summer. I love you. Now smack some sense into the cookie wenches and nut girls.


Alli said...

how about sleeves in one color, body in the other? You'd probably use more of one than the other, but that depends on how many cables you do along the body.

Lilith Parker said...

Ooh, good idea. Body grey, sleeves (and hood?) green. I like it!

sylshessa said...

I think the jester-styled hoodie is actually a good idea. It's unique and fun but the colors aren't so contrasting that you'd be a spectacle.
My other suggestion would be to continue with the grey in the background for the whole thing and lay the cables close together but offset so that while still all parallel, the 'eye' of each cable rests in the cubby provided by the twist of the other cable on either side.

sylshessa said...

What would be really neat, is if you made another something with cables but with very similar colors--so similar that they are almost exact, and use the palest in the foreground cables and the darkest in the background thus creating something of an optical illusion by taking something of low relief, like the sweater or whatever, and make it appear to be high relief by applying shades that one assumes to be cast by light and not the dye. If you used greys, you could pretend to be a type of statue with a corinthian column for an outfit. They sometimes do that on ceilings, to make it look more ornate but without having to kill unbaptized babies and stapling them into cutesy positions to model for cherubic moldings.