21 August 2006

Everyone Needs A Pom-Pom Hat

Welcome to the second installment of This Old Project. Today's feature is... another hat. I was really into knitting hats for a while. They're great for trying new techniques really quickly, and the technique I decided on for this particular piece was Fair Isle knitting.

A quick note about the charted design: I've spent the last hour on Google trying to find the website with the chart, but I've had no luck. If anyone finds it, please let me know so I can put up a link to credit the designer.

For my first attempt at Fair Isle, I'd say it came out okay. There are some tension/gauge issues that make the hat tend to ride up, but I accept it as part of the learning experience. The yarns are Lion Brand Wool-Ease ("Wheat") and Lite-Lopi ("431"), and the project was done on a US #8 circ and DPNs. As with most of my hats, I started with a gauge swatch and did some math to come up with the pattern. The pom-pom didn't end up as dense as I'd hoped, and it kind of flops around, but I wanted a hat with a pom-pom. So there.

Stay tuned for the next This Old Project, which will probably be... another hat. But completely different from this one!

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