27 August 2006

Laughter In The Rain

It's raining. Again. But y'know what? I'm happy. The sleeve is going well after being frogged and restarted. I added two stitches, did the ribbing on eights before switching to tens for the main section, and I'm doing the cables in a hybrid of intarsia and Fair Isle.

The front, looking wonderfully non-puckered (except for where the ribbing meets the stockinette, which is fine):
new front

The charcoal is carried across the back, while each part of the cable is from a different ball and looped around the charcoal when it moves up for the next row. (I wish I knew a better way to explain that.)
new back

Close-up of the back, the neatness of which makes me giddy.
back zoomed

I'm thrilled with the way this is looking so far. Now I just have to hope the increases work the way they're supposed to. And I have to design the body of the sweater. *gulp*

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