17 October 2006

The Things... They're Happening!

I started welding school yesterday. Five hours of sitting on a hard chair, listening to the instructor read every word of the student handbook: not fun. Watching as the only kid I already don't like comes over to introduce himself to me: not fun. Getting a few rows done on the Greenery hat during lunch break: fun!

more greenery goodness

It's hard for me to focus on anything this week, between getting used to school and looking forward to Rhinebeck. I'm meeting someone there who I've been dying to meet for months, plus, y'know, there's the fiber and animals, so I'm vibrating out of my skin with excitement.

For those of you who are going, look for the girl in the BRIGHT NEON PINK vest. That's me. :D


Sunflowerfairy said...

I'll be there Sunday. :)

That hat is *beautiful*! I love cabled hats.

sylshessa said...

I think I need to see this neon pink vest.