02 October 2006


It's time for yet another new project. Lion Brand Wool-Ease was on sale at the fabric store when I was picking up a few things for faire garb, so I picked up a ball of "Forest Green Heather" and started this hat.

green hat

I did the first inch of ribbing in the dark (watching a movie) and made a mistake that I didn't notice until two inches later. Rather than frog back to the mistake, I just dropped the stitch, took a crochet hook, and fixed it that way. Now that the ribbing is finished, I can decide how I want to do the cables. If it turns out well, it'll be a Christmas present for one of my uncles.

Time to call my doctor. I've been way too manic for the last week or two.


sylshessa said...

what movie were you watching?

Lilith Parker said...

Whatever was on TV that night. I think it was "Exit Wounds".