26 October 2006

Ecky Ecky Ecky Ecky Pikang Zoop Boing

As if standing at a welding platform for five hours a day wasn't exhausting enough, now I get to be a math tutor after school for one of the sophomore students. Basic geometry is something he has trouble with, so I'm going to try to help him out.

During my half-hour lunch break each day, I scurry off to a quiet corner of the cafeteria and knit. I'm trying to finish the Acrylicky socks just so I can use the needles for more deserving projects. Working on these socks has confirmed what I already knew: I'm a really slow knitter. In a week of lunches (2.5 hours), I've knit about 5 inches of a 50-stitch-circumference tube. That's... pretty sad, I think. Still, they're ankle socks, so that five-inch section is almost the entire body of the sock. A few more rows, and I'll be turning the heel. Behold, the acrylickyness:

acrylicky goodness

The bag I carry my knitting in these days is this one, which is just big enough for most of my little projects.

I also have a few more Rhinebeck pictures for y'all, here. This one is probably my favorite of the bunch.



Sunflowerfairy said...

Hey, we passed each other a ton of times that day. I remember the kilt. I love kilts.

I looked for you, but couldn't find you. I kept staring at your significant other (bf, husband...I don't know!) because I wanted to see if his hose were handmade! They are beautiful....wow. Ugh, now I regret not talking to you guys.

Thanks for the add on the sidebar. I'll get around to updating mine eventually.

Lilith Parker said...

You should've said hi! I was hoping to meet you, but I'm terrible at remembering faces, so I was hoping you'd introduce yourself.

Yes, David's hose are handmade, in fact he was casting off the second one in the parking lot Saturday morning. Did you notice his sweater, too? It's the one for which he started his blog. :)

See you next year? (Either at Rhinebeck or a RenFaire?)