23 September 2006

It's In The Bag

The rain this morning convinced me to stay home and work on a sewing project instead of going to Nature Day. I'm in the process of making a new winter coat out of some brown wool plaid I bought when I worked at a fabric store (almost a decade ago, like everything else). The design is complicated enough that I'm actually following a purchased pattern instead of drafting one for myself. Yeah. It's that complicated.

Since there's no knitting going on today, here's another FO from the collection.

Lite-Lopi felted bag

The yarn is Lite-Lopi by Reynolds, in colors 422 (Sage Heather) and (I think) 429 (Dk. Berry Heather) and a little 431 (Brick Heather) around the top. I'm not entirely sure about the reds... Lite-Lopi has a bunch of reds/purples/bricks/pinks that look similar, and I've lost the ball bands, so I'm guessing at those color numbers. I held two strands together on US#11 needles, and made my very first I-cord for the handle. Then I tossed it in the washing machine for a few agitation cycles, and ended up with this lovely felted bag.

I was flipping through a catalog (North Style, I think) and saw a knit sweater with a pretty Fair Isle design on it. I went to the company's website, found a picture of the sweater, enlarged it, and charted part of the design, which I then used on this bag.

Yes, I'm crazy. It makes life more interesting.

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