12 September 2006

Fuzzy Wuzzy Was A... Something

I figured I should show y'all the yarn Pat and I used last night.


My knowledge of the current yarn market isn't extensive by any means, so I'm not sure what this yarn's modern equivalent is, but it's very soft and a little fuzzy. It almost looks sparkly in certain lighting conditions. It's also a little more orangey than the scan shows. The name of the colorway is "Lemons Ombre," but I think it should be called "Sunny Side Up" because it has all the colors of a poached egg.

I'm thinking of making something useful with this yarn. I have about six skeins (total: 18 oz.), but the label doesn't give yardage. I wouldn't mind wearing it next to my skin, since it's not the least bit scratchy. Any suggestions?

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