03 September 2006


Sad news, folks: my sister has taken back her digital camera. This means that progress shots will be taken with my cheap, low-quality webcam. My inner photographer mourns.

I finished the sleeve last night, and it looks pretty good. Unfortunately, I'm almost out of charcoal yarn, and all of my earnings for the next month or two are spoken for already. (Rhinebeck, here I come!) Until I can afford more yarn, the hoodie is on hold.

Moving up the list of priority projects are the brown bag and two socks. One sock will complete a pair that will be a Christmas present for my mother, and the other will complete a pair of RenFaire stockings as a Yule present for myself. Speaking of holidays, I need to make a list of what I'm buying/making for people and work out a budget. I may need to skip a faire to afford supplies. Most of the purchases I make at Rhinebeck will be for gifts.

Time to curl up with my knitting and veg out for a while.

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Lucky Charmz said...

Maybe you can get a camera off freecycle. Happy knitting, love seeing your projects.