30 September 2006

Pretty Soon You'll Feel Like You're Here

I lack the brainpower to write anything of much interest tonight. Have a picture instead.

pile of knitting

In this picture, you can see:

- I've got big balls, he's got big balls, she's got big... you get the idea
- a Project Linus blanket sitting on a bag of LemonEgg skeins sitting on a stack of craft books (the one with the orange covers and yellow binding? the orange is actually corduroy. seriously. published by Time-Life in 1976. bitchin'.)
- a candle in a bowl... *shrug*
- a pair of batik-print, silk pajama shorts
- a straw hat purchased at Mount Vernon on recent visit
- two Fiesta socks
- two faire stockings (one unfinished)
- a ball of icky acrylic
- the LemonEgg shrug and some more of its yarn
- a ball of dark-bright purple Patons Classic Merino
- the hoodie sleeve (stay tuned, folks, there may be news about this soon)
- a niddy-noddy holding a merino-silk single
- a screen of earrings, all of which will become useless as soon as school starts (piercings aren't allowed, and my holes close up after five minutes, so I'll be re-piercing my ears in about a year)
- a Dremel tool in its case
- a turntable

That last one makes me want to listen to some Ella Fitzgerald before bed. G'night, folks.

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