07 September 2006

Lonely Alpaca Sock

Sorry for the lack of posting yesterday. I slept way too much and got nothing done. Today I bring you an old project:

alpaca sock

This is a solitary sock, with no plans for a mate any time soon. It's made with Frog Tree sport-weight alpaca on US#00 needles. I should have knit it inside-out to get the Fair Isle tension a bit looser... as it is, it's really difficult to put on because it's so tight. I might rip the whole thing out and try again, just so I can be happy with it and make a full pair, but it's such a slow project because of the tiny needles. I might give up on the Fair Isle and just work stripes instead, since that's what caused the most trouble.

I'm such a sock snob. After my first sock, a top-down, flap-heel pain in the butt, I found a toe-up, short-row toe and heel pattern that I feel in love with, and I refuse to make socks any other way now. I also found a short-row technique that eliminates the pesky wrapping of the best-known technique. The short row technique is shown here, and the toe-up technique is used in this (pdf) pattern.

Let's see if I can get some knitting done this evening. Heh.

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