04 September 2006

Bad cam! Bad!

When I said my webcam was low-quality, I meant it. Evidence:

Zee sleeve, eet ees finished!

That's a finished sleeve of the hoodie. I'm going to leave the top un-bound-off (is there a word for that?) so I can just grab those stitches to bring the cable up over the hood. That's the plan, anyway. Assuming I figure out the logistics, I'll do something similar with the body... my sensitive neck hates seams that join body to hood.

The brown bag has been re-thought and re-started, with a decent amount of progress today.

the beginning of the brown bag

The problem? I made a stupid mistake about eight rows ago. Frog-tastic. Because I'm using little sample skeinlets and holding two strands together, ripping out significant amounts is... interesting. Fortunately, this wool is "sticky"... it holds onto itself very well. As long as I don't get up in the middle of frogging, the tangled-looking pile of yarn stays remarkably untangled, making it easy for me to pick it up again as I re-knit.

zoomed view of brown bag

I mentioned that my cam is low-quality, right? This is the clearest shot I could get. Aren't you amazed at the broad spectrum of color to be had from natural dyes? ;) Well, natural dyes to be found within a few miles of my house, that is, and with no toxic/exotic mordants. There's a brilliant chestnut waiting in the bag, but I'm not sure how to work it into the otherwise-dull color scheme. Each skeinlet is only about nine yards, so there isn't a lot to work with. I suppose I could do an intarsia diamond in the center or something. Any suggestions?

A non-knitting-related note:

My thoughts are with the Irwin family today. Steve was a beloved part of my family's life through his television shows, and we were shocked and saddened by news of his death. He packed more activity into his 44 years than most people do in 80, and he died doing what he loved. I hope his passion inspires others to continue his mission to conserve nature and educate our youth about the natural world. Goodbye, Steve. We'll miss you.

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