09 September 2006

In the Bag

First off, to make up for not posting yesterday, here's a clear shot of the finished hoodie sleeve. The seam is being held together with mini clothespins for the time being.

finished sleeve

I've completely re-thought the brown bag. The new design is much more fun to work and has milestones that let me feel like I'm accomplishing something. While I frog the first (square-ish) half, here's the new one:

brown bag front

That's short-row groovy-ness, folks. Every row I stop two stitches earlier than the row before, and when I don't have enough stitches to do another turn, I do a full row, picking up the ends of the short rows as I go. (Did that make sense?) As I mentioned, I'm using sample skeinlets, which means I'm adding yarn every few rows. Because I can't afford to waste yarn by only starting a new piece at the beginning of a row, there are a lot of little ends in the middle of the knitting.

brown bag back

I'm going to do a lot of weaving-in once this thing is assembled. Then the felting begins! Hopefully it won't shrink too much. I'm thinking of adding a few rows to the straight side to make the bag deeper, but we'll see how much yarn I have after the other pieces are finished.

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Alli said...

Don't bother weaving ends in if you're going to felt it! Just tie them in square knots and felt away. The felting will hide the knots, and then you can just trim the ends!